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This page ("lakes.htm") contains 3 images utilizying David Griffiths' clever 'Lake' Java applet. There is more information about Mr. Griffiths at the bottom of this page.

About the Bear: We frequently visit Switzerland, though there is nothing on this page about that country. Our home base when we visit Switzerland is in the canton of Bern. This bear is the symbol for both the canton and the capital city of Bern. The name means 'bears'.

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Swinging Bridge at Townsend, Tennessee. You've been to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, right? There's a good chance you drove right past this bridge and didn't see it, even though it was only a few feet off the road. I was born in this area in 1944 and my father used the bridge as a boy. The River is called 'Little River' and runs through the park. Sadly, the authorities tore down this bridge in 2001 because, well, because that's what authorities do . . . .

Topsail Beach, North Carolina, January 1999. Photo by Andrea Walker.

David Griffiths no longer maintains a web site, but his 'Lake' applet software is still available. Check any search engine. Mr. Griffiths is also the author of the 'Panorama' applet which lets you display a big panoramic photo in a window. See my Panorama website below for examples and more information.

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